Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Healthcare Administrative Technology Association (HATA)?

The national association of Practice Management (PM) vendors. 

What does HATA do?

We promote the success of the administrative dimension of healthcare and the vendors that provide healthcare administrative solutions. 

Why does the administrative side of healthcare need another organization?

Healthcare, particularly the administrative and business side, is undergoing massive and seemingly continuous changes.  Keeping up with all these changes is a significant challenge for healthcare providers and the vendors that help these providers with their business.  An organization focused on the issues key to success, HATA greatly helps PM vendors and their healthcare provider customers. 

Is this a significant problem?

Overwhelmed by the increasingly complexity and demands of the administrative and business side of their practice, our PM solution vendor members need all the help that they can get to help their healthcare customers have a healthy business. 

Why all these changes and problems?

Around the world, governments seek to improve quality, outcomes and patient safety while driving down costs.  To this end, governments respond with new and changing regulations and reimbursement strategies that they impose on healthcare providers (and often carried over by private insurance payers).  While the objectives are valid, the solutions imposed by government regulators can have huge, and often unanticipated, negative consequences. An organization like HATA is the voice of the practice management system industry and has already established credibility and a line of communication with regulators. 

So why does a PM vendor need HATA – what do you do for us?

We are the only organization solely focused on the success of the PM companies.  These PM companies are at huge risk: many are struggling to implement these complex changes, few are growing at the rates they seek, and some are going away. 

The PM vendors that thrive – and some of those that need help to even survive – must master an often overwhelming range of activities.  With a national organization, these PM vendors gain the clout and a forum to engage with and better inform regulators and elected officials.  Our members gain access to the experts needed to help them through the massive changes that plague healthcare and their businesses.  And, they gain the ability to learn from others and stop all the “reinventing the wheels” activities that are draining resources and driving down profitability across the PM industry.  

There are so many organizations and events – why HATA?

We are exclusively focused on PM vendor success. Too many PM vendors are seeing reductions in growth and risks to profitability.  There are indeed numerous events that might make sense to attend, but as an organization we get to gain the perspective from experts who attend these events on our behalf.  We can engage the industries top business consultants and share their value across our membership.  And, we represent the PM industry in front of the critically important regulators and elected officials on specific issues that are essential to survive and thrive in the PM business. 

Why do we need the expert help that HATA provides?

In the past many of our member companies competed occasionally with each other – now they face competing with multi-billion-dollar integrated delivery networks (IDNs).  These massive organizations leverage the complexity and chaos of healthcare administration as a key competitive weapon when battling local community providers.  In many cases, the providers “give up and join” an IDN.  HATA has the focus and the economy of scale to bring the expertise needed to compete with the mega-IDNs.  Together we can help you and your healthcare provider customers survive and thrive. 

How is it you can help me with regulators and elected officials?

Government regulators don’t want to deal with individual companies and instead choose to deal with associations or groups that represent many stakeholders. PM Vendors therefore need an association focused on their needs so they have the clout and the access to push back at proposed regulatory changes that will make problems worse. Many of the today’s administrative problems are unintended consequences that could have been prevented had the regulators been better informed. 

For the most part, regulators and elected officials seek the right things – driving up quality, patient safety and outcomes while driving down costs.   However, the wrong regulations can result in the opposite.  HATA has already established itself as the knowledge leader others go to (ONC, HHS, CMS, NCVHS, CAQH) so that they more intelligently and capably achieve the outcomes they seek.  HATA provides a unified voice for PM Vendors to government as well as other industry stakeholders (AMA, AMBA, MGMA, PAHCOM, CAQH).  As a HATA member, you can ensure that the issues most important to your organization are the ones considered as we work with regulators and elected officials. 

What issues does HATA address?

Here are some examples: in 2016, the association is focused on Eligibility, Prior Authorization and non-fee for service postings as it relates to PM Vendors. In 2015 we had a call to action for more adoption of the EFT ERA transactions. 

How much are dues?

It depends on the size or type of the organization.  It starts at a $2,500 value and is based on total revenue.  Dues are a company membership, so anyone from your company is welcomed and encouraged to be involved. 

Our marketing budget is tiny and I’m not sure that HATA is the best use of our limited resources
Our members tell us that they joined because they can’t afford not to be members.  For them it was a matter of survive and thrive.  They need help to ensure they use their limited development resources to build what is critical to gain and retain customers, not just features that may be desired but not required.  They need help to compete against new and more fearsome competitors, such as IDNs and their mega-EHR solutions.  They need help to keep regulators from taking the wrong actions, actions that could be detrimental to all concerned. Among all your budget line items, HATA membership is a relatively small expense that will easily pay for itself many times over given the work we are doing to share knowledge and address the key issues facing the PM industry.


What benefits will I receive by joining HATA?

  • Access and Clout –to engage with the regulators and elected officials whose actions will impact the success of every PM vendor and all of their healthcare provider customers; clout to give smaller companies a chance to make a difference and be on common ground with larger companies. 
  • Expertise – gain access to organizations and other thought leaders that you wouldn’t otherwise have; get the highlights of what’s happening in these organizations and in key industry meetings, organizations and meetings that would be ideal to join and attend if only you were much larger and had much deeper pockets; better understand what the PM Vendors/EHR needs are now and into the future by looking across a broad base of customers nationwide; sharpen your business skills and gain a better understanding of how to best grow your business into the future
  • Networking – HATA allows you and your organizations to leverage other PM vendor resources to collectively address and collaborate on noncompetitive challenges facing the healthcare industry.
  • Marketing – what other Marketing Directors have told us why joining HATA is a must for them, is that it opens the pipeline of new prospects by the relationship HATA has with the provider community.  Through HATA you also know what is coming in the healthcare world that you can use that knowledge with your clients and become a trusted partner.
  • Validation – you have the opportunity to interact with other PM Vendors and see what they are doing in the marketplace and know if it’s where you should be. 

Would any of the other members be my competitors? 

HATA was organized to be an advocate for PM vendors, so yes there will be companies you may consider competitors.  However, you will find we are all on the same team with common issues.  

Who can I ask for more information about the organization?

Tim McMullen, Executive Director at [email protected] or (844) 440-HATA (4282)