Revenue Cycle Management through Benchmarking, Analytics and Virtual Health Telemedicine Encounters - Attendees will learn how to use the various emerging technologies for their practice to improve RCM.  For all sizes of clinics, the presentation will provide how to implement, use and effectively improve their Revenue Cycle.  This session will focus on the cutting edge technologies providers will be using in 2016 and beyond. Speaker:  Matt Barron, Senior Director of Product Management, Advanced MD.  Click here.  

Breaking Down the Barriers to EFT/ERA - Practices adopting EFT and ERA as part of their Revenue Cycle Management find they can save an average of $7.21 per payment by switching from manual to automated remittance and payment processing.  Plus, patients get their bill quicker and electronic posting lets them understand their responsibility sooner.  Speakers:  Chris Bruns, Head of Product Development, Medinformatix and President of HATA; Tim McMullen, JD, CAE Executive Director of HATA.  Click here.

Revenue Cycle Management at the Patient Arrival Point - This presentation will provide the participants with best practices for improving revenue cycle management starting with ensuring the arrival of the patient.  The presentation will also address collection options and additional messaging designed to provide optimal outcomes given the latest reimbursement mode.  Speaker:  Diana Santillanes, Account Manager for Enterprise Sales Division, CallPointe.  Click here.