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Healthcare Administrative Technology Association (HATA)

American Medical Association (AMA) –

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AMA’s ERA Toolkit ( provides a wealth of information for physicians in all stages of ERA implementation – from practices just beginning to consider ERA adoption to those who have already adopted ERA and are looking for ways to maximize automation and efficiency. Toolkit sections will be added shortly.

AMA’s EFT Toolkit ( offers support to providers in implementing electronic payments. Toolkit resources include:

  • Getting started: Accepting EFT payments in the physician practice
  • Key questions to ask your vendors before signing an EFT agreement
  • Know your rights and make ACH EFT work for your practice
  • The effect of health plan virtual credit card payments on physician practices


 Provider Resources

 Implementation Resources

 Rule Maintenance

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services –

Provider General Info on Operating Rules:


Healthcare Payments Resources Website

  • Provides a repository of information on a wide variety of topics for both financial institutions and the healthcare industry. Includes links to many other resources, as well as customized information to help “translate” concepts from one industry to the other (FAQs, reports, presentations)

Healthcare EFT Standard Information

  • Located within the healthcare industry tab of the above website, specific information can be found on the healthcare EFT standard.

Healthcare Payments Resource Guide

  • Publication designed to help financial institutions in implementing healthcare solutions.  It give the reader a basic understanding of the complexities of the healthcare industry, identify key terms, review recent healthcare legislation, and discuss potential impacts on the financial services industry.
  • Order from the NACHA eStore “Healthcare Payments” section:

Healthcare ePayments Newsletter

  • Newsletter for healthcare and financial services industry.  Must register to receive the free newsletter at  [email protected]

ACH Primer for Healthcare Payments

  • A guide to understanding EFT payment processing.  Introduces the healthcare industry to the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, explains ACH transaction flow and applications, and includes two “next steps checklists,” one each for origination and receipt (free pdf publication)

 Healthcare Case Studies

  • Case studies on the benefits of the healthcare EFT standard and ERA representing three different provider segments; a micro practice, a mid-size physician’s group, and a large hospital chain

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Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) -

 WEDI EFT Subworkgroup:

WEDI 835 Subworkgroup:

WEDI Knowledge Center

Reassociating Healthcare Payments:  White Paper

 Reassociating your ERA and EFT Files (Webinar)

 The Theory of Reassociation

 EFT Relationship to the 835:  Issue Brief