Welcome to the First Issue of the HATA Newsletter – and Thank You to Buddy Claborn and HealthPac for sponsoring its production!  The purpose of this publication is to ensure our members have important and timely information regarding issues that affect you and your clients.  As the healthcare industry continues to change in both complexity and business models, HATA is committed to giving you the tools and knowledge to meet these changes head-on. 

HATA has certainly accomplished a lot during the first half of the year.  

A Strategic Planning Meeting hosted by Optum at their headquarters in Chicago; Chris Bruns gave testimony at the NCVHS Hearing in Washington, DC; Members have four (4) presentations at HIMSS (Revenue Cycle Management through Benchmarking; Analytics and Virtual Health Telemedicine Encounters; Breaking Down the Barriers to EFT ERA; Revenue Cycle Management at the Patient Arrival Point; Clinical Data Exchange With Your Payers - The Rise of Data Dependent Healthcare); A Monthly Open Door Call w/George Vancore from BCBSFL; HATA participated in an SSNRI Listening Session and made recommendations on “Questions to ask your Vendors”; A very successful HATA Membership Meeting hosted by NextGen at their headquarters in Atlanta; Conducted an Eligibility Survey to Providers with over 640 respondents; A Prior Authorization Survey to HATA Members with 90% response; A Monthly Open Door Call:  “MACRA and YOU” with an informative panel made up of Bill Finerfrock, Stanley Nachimson and Ana Croxton; A webinar with PAHCOM on the Eligibility Survey Results; Submission of MACRA Comments to CMS.

Summer education programs include a presentation a Cyber Security Webinar (July 14th) with Randy Johnston, Chairman and CEO of Network Management Group, Inc and a “MACRA: Part 2” Webinar (August 11th) presented by Ana Croxton from ALC Consulting. 

NCVHS Recommendations for Attachment Standards and Operating Rules

The National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics (NCVHS) met during the week of June 13 to finalize recommendations for CMS to follow for several upcoming standards.  NCVHS is named as an advisor to the Secretary of HHS regarding the creation and updating of HIPAA standards.  They have held several rounds of hearings on these topics (in which HATA participated).

Regarding attachments, NCVHS recommended that: 

  1. CMS clearly define what an attachment is
  2. CMS adopt the X12N 275-277 pair for the “enveloping” of the attachment
  3. CMS adopt the HL7 attachment standards for the content of the attachment (analogous to the standards for exchanging clinical information between providers), allowing both unstructured and structured attachments
  4. CMS “phase in” the attachment standard over a period of time, at least 5 years.
  5. CMS issue an NPRM to propose attachment standards rather than an interim final rule.

Impact to PMS Vendors

PMS vendors must be prepared to exchange these standards no later than the adoption date of the regulation.  It is anticipated that the adoption date will be at least two years after the final rule publication.  With a final rule probably not published until.....  Continue Reading