Testimonials from HATA Members 

“Prior to the ICD-10 transition we needed to understand if our practices were truly ready for this transition. HATA put together a workgroup and surveyed their member’s clients readiness for ICD-10, and then distributed the findings out to members and the industry as a whole so that focus could be placed on areas of concern to better prepare for the transition.” – Eric Christ, CEO of Practice Admin 

“HATA’s relationships with groups like the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) who implement healthcare administrative technology policy and the National Committee on Vital Health Statistics (NCVHS) who hear testimony from the industry on what those policies should be, has given my company an opportunity to speak through a louder voice and bring change that our clients would otherwise not have access to.” – Buddy Claborn, Founder and CEO of HealthPac 

“We were looking to work with other industry groups on collaborative workgroups, papers, webinars, conferences, etc. HATA was able to help make those connections and start discussions with those groups. Being a member of HATA has allowed us to collaborate with other Practice Management vendors and industry stakeholders that we otherwise would have found difficulty connecting with.” – Doug Seiber, Vice President of Practice Services for AllMeds 

“As a Product Manager, data is important for delivering a quality product. As we revamped our new Eligibility Solution, I needed data to guide my process. HATA distributed a survey to identify pain points and issues across the industry with electronic eligibility requests. They surveyed practices that are deep in the trenches and found meaningful and tangible data to help drive my implementation strategy.” – Wendy Aiken, Product Manager for AdvancedMD 

“We had heard that the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission (EHNAC) was creating an accreditation program for Practice Management Vendors (PMSAP), but we didn’t know how to influence the criteria requirements. HATA made it possible for our company to be involved in the criteria requirements for the EHNAC Practice Management System Accreditation Program (PMSAP) which provides a framework for us as a company to ensure we meet all privacy and security standards. In addition, participation provided a say on the development of new standards for PMS vendors.” – Mark Schlichting, Director of EDI, NextGen Healthcare 

“As a Vendor to the Practice Management Community, exposure is always a challenge for our company. HATA approached us about the possibility of presenting HIMSS – an opportunity we did not want to pass up. HATA jumped in to help broker the presentation with HIMSS and get their approval on the content, all I had to do was show up and present! It was a great opportunity for our company and it got us in front of an audience we normally would not have access to.” – Jim Petersen, President and CEO of Callpointe